Petrov Has Been Brno's Landmark for Centuries

The Petrov cathedral is one of the two dominant landmarks of Brno. The dome sitting on the rock, close to Brno's main station can be seen by everyone arriving in the city, from any part of the world.


The history of Petrov starts in the second half of the 12th century. The original church was not sufficient for the continuously growing population of believers in Brno and it went through several alterations in the Gothic period and eventually was replaced by a larger one. Its role grew significantly, especially in 1296, when Petrov became the seat of the collegiate chapter. Over the centuries Petrov was repaired and rebuilt. Especially the Baroque ceilings which can be seen to this day inside the cathedral.

petrov-02Photo: Vít Kobza

In 1777 Pope Pius VI established a bishopric and the church of Peter and Pavel was promoted to the status of cathedral. The last significant reconstruction on the Cathedral of Peter and Pavel was carried out at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. The Cathedral was given a neogothic style and the towers, without which Petrov cannot be imagined nowadays, were added. At the beginning of the 21st century, above the side entrance, an adoration chapel was added. It was created by the Velehrad sculptor Otmar Oliv.

petrov-03Photo: Michaela Dvořáková

The latter part of the 20th century saw extensive repairs, restorations, and archeological research inside the cathedral. The public was allowed to enter the Romano - Gothic crypt, inside which the cathedral's foundations from the 12th century can be seen, along with a few other earlier reconstructions. The crypt, nowadays, is used for occasional exhibitions, chamber concerts or religious lectures. There is also a very attractive opportunity to go 130 stairs up and be rewarded by a beautiful view of the city from the tower's lookout.

petrov-04The Roman Catholic Parish of the St. Peter and Pavel Cathedral in Brno
Photo: Jiří Dobeš

After that the visitors can admire the beautiful Annunciation of the Lord chapel with the rare Renaissance altar made of ebony wood. The best way to finish off the tour is to go to the permanent exhibition in the treasury, where vestments, a monstrance, goblets and other interesting objects, which were previously hidden in inaccessible depositories, can be seen. Since 2006 visitors to Petrov can find an Information Centre in house number 1 and a diocesan museum was opened in 2007.

Alena Štěpánková
Resource: The Roman Catholic Parish of the St.Peter and Pavel Cathedral in Brno

A Sculpture of Cyril and Methodius will be placed on Petrov.

petrov-05At the end of January, a panel of judges met in Brno bishopric to evaluate the twenty nine suggestions for the design of a sculpture of saints Cyril and Methodius. The artists' competition was announced by the bishopric in September 2011. Many artists were interested in the competition and by the deadline of December 19th, 2011; thirty nine of them had registered. Finally, the eight judges evaluated twenty nine designs. The jury evaluated each of the designs individually based on selection criteria such as originality, creativity, the artistic level, the incorporation of the sculpture in the given space, the materials used and its mutual harmony. The winners of the competition were sculptor Vladimír Matoušek and Ing. arch. Radim Horák.The jury evaluated their work as modest, contemporary, distinct and revealing, while at the same time bringing, in relation with the place, a distinctive form, which will be in harmony with the existing sculptures in the Cathedral. The sponsor confirmed the final results, as determined by the judges.

The wish of the bishop of Brno, Vojtech Cikrle is that the sculpture be completed in 2013, when we will celebrate the 1,150th anniversary of the arrival of Cyril and Methodius in Moravia. The monument will be placed in the grounds of Petrov, close to the Cathedral of Peter and Pavel. The Brno bishopric will give visitors a chance to see all the evaluated designs from May 4th until May 11th, 2012.

Photo Jan Dobrovolný

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