Repair of the City Park Continues

You will certainly have noticed that in recent years the repair of Brno city centre has begun, and in some cases has already finished, especially the reconstruction of Moravske Namesti (134 million CZK), Husova street (205 million CZK) and Joštova street during last year (290 million CZK). During the first six months of 2012 the city centre will see partially restricted traffic as Orli, Meninska and Novobranska streets will be repaired. However the focus is also aimed at the majority of the city's neighbourhoods and not only the city centre.



In Kralovo Pole on the premises of the Brno Technical University, the CEITEC research centre, the investment road is under construction; in Komarov work on the retention basin is also underway. As the reconstruction of the sewerage system in Turany continues, road reconstruction is being carried out as well. Also reconstruction work on Klimesova street in Oresin is planned. Other possible investment reconstruction includes Vankovo Namesti in Brno centre, Horova street, Minska street in Zabovresky, the Dlouha - Hranicky - Cenka Ruzicky intersection in Bohunice, and the reconstruction of the Charbulova - Rehorova - Huskova - Stolcova intersection in Cernovice.

A chapter of its own is the preparation and completion of the construction work on the outer city ring road based on the co-operation of the city with the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic. The long awaited opening of the Dobrovskeho tunnels and the Svitavska radial route will take place in August this year. This construction will relieve Brno from traffic congestion and will also be a major showpiece. Another point of the preparation of the outer city ring road Zabovreska - Tomkovo Namesti and Rokytova is currently being discussed by city officials, the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.

As well as large - scale investment activities, this year many roads, which have had underground services fixed, will be repaired in co-operation with the Brno water company, Technical Utilities and other administrators of underground services. The budget, which Brno has allocated from the operational resources of the department of Transport for the reconstruction of roads, amounts to 112 million CZK and this has to be spent wisely. Pionyrska and Cihlarska are partially-finished, as the Brno Water Company is finishing its work. At the same time the work on Rybarska, Chaloupkova, Stara, Elgartova, Sedlakova, Holubova, Potocni, Komarovske Nabrezi and Leitnerova is to be commenced. The bridge on Belohorska street and across Malomericke Station, another part of Palavskeho Square in Vinohrady and the lay-by areas at Uvoz are to undergo reconstruction as well. If the construction requires detours, they are decided upon and marked only after the actual work has begun. Currently due to insufficient financing the work on Plotni - Dornych has been suspended.

Multi-Storey Car Parks in Brno

Parking is a major issue in all big cities in the Czech Republic. The Statutory city of Brno is looking into this issue intensively and in May 2011 Brno City Council commissioned Brno Communications with "Organizer of Calm Traffic". An essential part of this mandate is the building of multi-storey car parks in Brno. Three locations were chosen, on Kopecna, Panenska and Besedni - Vesela street, which are suitable for building these car parks. These have to be built by year 2014. The eight story car park on Kopecna street, due to limited space, will consist of an automatic parking system for 88 cars. This system is fully responsible for parking the car in the car park and delivering it back to the driver, without the driver having to intervene or having to turn on the engine. Connecting Husova and Kopecna streets with stairs and an escalator is also part of this project. Currently preparation for the selection procedure for a contractor to undertake this project is under way. In January this year the relevant building permit came into force and construction can begin in August 2012.

The multi-storey car park on Panenska consists of two underground and 8 above ground floors, it's built as a monolithic structure with a traditional approach ramp system and will hold 361 parking spaces. The entrance to it is planned from Husova street. Currently a request for a building permit has been submitted and should the individual phases of the procedure be problem-free, construction should begin in the last quarter of this year. The time to complete the construction is estimated to be 16 months.

In the location of Besedni - Vesela the Janacek Culture Centre will be built. Brno Communications will only be responsible for the initial phase - the underground garages. It will be a three-storey monolithic underground garage holding 372 cars. Temporary landscaping performed on the roof of the underground garage, prior to commencement of construction itself, is also part of this project. Another essential part is the reconstruction of the existent roads and adjacent areas.

Vladimíra Navrátilová,
press agent, Brno Communications

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